PG schools achieve improved grades

Editable teaching resources and textbooks

We have been really impressed with your new AQA Computer Science book. [We]... like the way that the book has been broken down into easy to follow chapters and includes practice questions for the pupils.

Mark Nightingale. Head of Computing, Sacred Heart School

In 2014 PG Online produced a complete and comprehensive series of KS3 teaching materials to help support the national demand for resources for the new Computing curriculum. This series has proven to be a phenomenal hit with teachers nationwide, and especially with those who may be inexperienced in teaching Computing rather than IT.  A Level materials and three series for the 9-1 GCSE Computer Science specifications have subsequently published; written by experienced teachers with industry programming skills. We believe in providing the best quality resources to teachers and students. This can only be done by having an intimate first-hand knowledge of what is needed by teachers in the classroom. More