Python skills

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Practical programming skills in Python

Essential skills for GCSE projects



This unit contains ten topics each guiding GCSE students through the essential programming skills required to develop their own practical projects with success and competence. The unit assumes little prior experience of Python and gradually builds up proficiency in ten key skill areas including file handling, validation and working with lists. The practical application of each of the skill areas covered will also assist students with their understanding of the theoretical examination questions required of all the (9-1) GCSE and IGCSE specifications.

The unit concludes with exemplar solutions to five projects which each demonstrate different applications of the major skills commonly required at this level.

What's included?

The Python skills unit has been written to satisfy the core skills required for the Computer Science GCSE. This unit contains:

  • PowerPoint slides for each lesson
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Worksheets and homework activities with answers
  • Over 20 sample Python programs
  • Five exemplar project solutions

What people say...

A fantastic set of resources to support both teachers and students in the delivery of the new computing curriculum. We would be lost without it.

Catherine Williams. Head of Department, St Bede's Inter-Church School

Very helpful assessments, easy to assess and the resources are perfect for teaching. Thanks.

Seeven Soobaroyen. Springwood High School

Relevant Text Books

Inside the Unit...

  • Areas Covered

    • Lesson 1 Fundamentals
    • Lesson 2 Selection and iteration
    • Lesson 3 Functions and procedures
    • Lesson 4 Regular expressions
    • Lesson 5 Using lists
    • Download sample lesson below
    • Lesson 6 Sorting lists
    • Lesson 7 Reading files
    • Lesson 8 Writing files
    • Lesson 9 2D lists
    • Lesson 10 Programming techniques
    • Example practical problems

    There are five complete Python solutions to practical problems included in this unit.

    Download Free Sample 5.4mb

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