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Learning to Program in Python

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Learning to Program in Python

Published 23rd June 2017.

Available in printed and digital formats.

This book is a straightforward guide to the Python programming language and programming techniques. It covers all of the practical programming skills that may be required up to GCSE level and for those at AS Level with limited exposure to Python. It is suitable for both experienced programmers, students or individuals with very little or no programming experience in other languages. 

It teaches basic syntax and programming techniques, and introduces three inbuilt Python modules:

  • Tkinter, used for building a graphical user interface, which is an option that some users may like to include in their project work. 
  • SQLite, which enables the creation and processing of a database from within a Python program. This provides an alternative to writing to a text file when data needs to be stored and retrieved.
  • pdb, Python’s debugging module, which can be used to help find elusive logic errors.

Questions and exercises are included in every chapter. Answers to these as well as over 120 Python programs for all the examples and exercises given in the book are provided to students and teachers in a free pack available to download on our website.

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The PG resources have had a massive impact on achievement on our GCSE Computing course.  All resources including the KS3 resources are very popular with students and provide great value for money.

Alex Salmeron. Head of ICT, Rushcliffe School

I purchased a few units from you last year and they were brilliant thank you.

Greg Mcaloon. Computer Science teacher, Mount Gilbert School

  • Contents:

    • Chapter 1: Data types, operators and I/O
    • Chapter 2: Strings and numbers
    • Chapter 3: Selection
    • Chapter 4: Iteration
    • Chapter 5: Lists and tuples
    • Chapter 6: Validating user input
    • Chapter 7: Searching and sorting
    • Chapter 8: Functions
    • Chapter 9: Reading and writing files
    • Chapter 10: Databases and SQL
    • Chapter 11: Python’s SQLite module
    • Chapter 12: Introduction to Tkinter
    • Chapter 13: Developing an application using Tkinter
    • Chapter 14: Program design
    • Chapter 15: Testing and debugging

    This answers pack is available as a free download.

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