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GCSE Options talks
It’s that time of year to explain KS4 pathways to Year 9s. 

Download our free presentation and guide


Our aim is to save teachers' time and reduce duplication of teaching resources.

Every year, in almost every school, department colleagues are required to explain their subject to prospective KS4 students.

We thought that instead of every individual doing this, we could help by preparing an options presentation for you.

They consist of a rich and engaging PowerPoint presentation and a script providing a background to the slides.

It is aimed to last 10 minutes but can be edited and adapted to the particular needs of your school, the courses you offer and your presenting style.

Just click on the links below to download the files for our options presentations for Computer Science, Design & Technology and Business.

GCSE Business options presentation pack - Updated Autumn 2022

GCSE Computer Science options presentation pack - Updated Autumn 2022

GCSE Design and Technology options presentation pack - Updated Autumn 2022


We hope you and your students like them and that they help boost your subject a little next year.