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Unit 7: Data structures

AQA Paper 1



The unit is subdivided into seven topics plus a test. It covers all of Section 4.2 of the AQA A-Level specification 7517. (Arrays, records and files are covered in AS Unit 1.) The unit gives practical and worked examples of each of the different abstract data structures including queues, stacks, lists, graphs, trees, hash tables and dictionaries. The function and practical application of each data type is discussed, with pseudocode and coded program solutions for some algorithms in VB or Python. Vectors and dot products and their application are covered in a final topic before a comprehensive examination-style assessment of the understanding across the whole unit.

What's included?

The A Level units have been written to satisfy the specification for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the AQA 7517 Computer Science AS Level. Each unit contains:

  • PowerPoint slides for each topic
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Worksheets and homework activities with answers
  • End-of-unit, exam-style assessment test with answers
  • Other material and links to online resources

What people say...

I am very impressed with the quality of the lesson plans, other resources and the presentation of the documents. We are giving our KS3 a curriculum a complete overall and your projects make up 90% of the new lessons.

David Smale. Head of IT & Computing, Al Bateen Secondary School, Abu Dhabi

The resources are concise, easily accessible to students and staff, and more importantly fun for the students.

Ian Cooper. Teacher of Computing, Academy 360

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Inside the Unit...

  • Areas Covered

    This unit consists of seven topics, each more substantial than a single lesson and intended to be covered over the course of a week.

    • Topic 1: Queues
    • Download free sample below
    • Topic 2: Lists
    • Topic 3: Stacks
    • Topic 4: Hash tables and dictionaries
    • Topic 5: Graphs
    • Topic 6: Trees
    • Topic 7: Vectors
    • End of unit assessment

    There are worksheets, homework tasks, and an assessment test, each with answers included in this unit.


    Download Free Sample 2.8mb

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