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Impact on grades in schools using PG Online

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Select Statistics helped us to explore the effectiveness of our teaching resources. The results were remarkable and demonstrated a significant improvement in grades at both GCSE and A Level.

Here is the article they have published about the research.

The statisticians at Select used data from the Department of Education for 2018 results at GCSE and A Level. They compared results for schools who used our resources to similar schools who were not using our materials. They were exhaustive in how they tried to ensure the schools were as similar in as many aspects as possible; to isolate the single variable of use of our resources as far as possible. This makes the results as robust as they can be, with a vast sample size and externally verified data and analysis.

We were thrilled to see that 12% of students at GCSE would be expected to improve their grades with PG Online and this rises to very significant 23% improvement at A Level. Read the full report here.

We will aim to expand the study in the years to come. Thanks to Jo and the team at Select for all the hard work.