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Unit 8: Data representation

Specification J276 from 2016



The unit is subdivided into six learning hours spread across six lessons, plus a test, in order to fit with most school timetables. It is a theoretical unit covering Section 2.6 of the latest OCR GCSE Computer Science specification. Each lesson contains a worksheet to be done in class to consolidate students’ knowledge and understanding, as well as a homework sheet to give them plenty of practice in answering exam-type questions. The conversion of integers from denary to binary is covered in the first lessons, together with simple binary addition, overflow and shifts. Check digits are also covered by practical example. In subsequent lessons, the use of hexadecimal numbers and the binary representation of characters is described. Representation of images and sound, and compression techniques are covered in three separate lessons. In the final lesson students sit an assessment test comprising questions similar to those found on the OCR exam paper.

What's included?

The GCSE units have been written to satisfy the specification for the theoretical Component 2 Computational thinking, algorithms and programming of the new OCR J276 Computing GCSE. Each units contains:

  • PowerPoint slides for each lesson
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Worksheets and homework activities with answers
  • End-of-unit Assessment test with answers
  • Other material and links to online resources

What people say...

We currently use your OCR Computing Resources and find them really good.

Gareth Edgell. Head of IT and Computing, Kingswood School

A generation ahead of everything else.  Perfect resources to give to non-specialists to deliver lessons with authority.

Don Jones. Assistant Principal: Achievement and Data, Ormiston Chadwick Academy

Relevant Text Books

Inside the Unit...

  • Lessons Covered

    • Lesson 1 Storage units and binary numbers
    • Lesson 2 Binary arithmetic and hexadecimal
    • Lesson 3 ASCII and Unicode
    • Lesson 4 Images
    • Download free sample below
    • Lesson 5 Sound
    • Lesson 6 Compression
    • Lesson 7 Assessment

    There are 6 worksheets, 6 homework tasks, and an assessment test, each with answers included in this unit.

    Download Sample Lesson 5.2mb

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