Functionality and aesthetics

Understanding form and function through biomimicry



Form and function are brought to life through a series of lessons which look at the roles that nature plays in the design of the built environment. Students are encouraged to find inspiration from natural forms to stimulate design proposals, creating both drawn and physical outcomes. Biomimicry is used to convey theory based on science, mathematics and art. The use of digital media is encouraged throughout to assist folio generation and to present a proposal for further evaluation. 

What's included

The currently available units have been written to satisfy the new National Curriculum for Design and Technology. They are designed for teaching at KS3 but individual lessons in some units may also be appropriate for teaching Key Stages 2 or 4, particularly where Year 10 students may not previously have been exposed to certain topics.

  • PowerPoint slides for each lesson
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Statement of which of the Government Guidelines are covered in the unit
  • Worksheets and activities
  • End-of-unit Assessment material
  • Other material and links to online resources

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Inside the Unit...

  • Areas Covered

    • Lesson 1 Product comparison - Form vs function
    • Lesson 2 Natural structures and systems
    • Lesson 3 Organic architecture 
    • Lesson 4 Finding and using geometric shapes in nature
    • Lesson 5 Constructing naturally inspired forms
    • Lesson 6 Presentation of ideas and concepts

    There are 6 worksheets, homework tasks and an assessment in this unit.

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