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Unit 3: Materials and their working properties

8552 Core technical principles



This unit focuses on Sections and of the AQA specification. It covers the categories and properties of a complete range of core materials within each of five specialist areas. The materials are covered through practical applications and with reference to the key material category in which they belong. The specific physical and working properties that best describe each material subcategory are identified and defined with reference to use and knowledge that will underpin practical designing and making activities.

What's included?

The GCSE units have been written to satisfy the specification for Paper 1 of the AQA 8552 Design and Technology GCSE. Each unit contains:

  • PowerPoint slides for each topic
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Learning objectives and outcomes
  • Worksheets and homework activities with answers
  • End-of-unit, exam-style assessment test with answers
  • Other material and links to online resources

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Inside the Unit...

  • Lessons Covered

    • Lesson 1 Papers and boards
    • Lesson 2 Natural and manufactured timbers
    • Lesson 3 Metals and alloys
    • Download sample lesson below
    • Lesson 4 Polymers
    • Lesson 5 Textiles
    • Lesson 6 Assessment

    There are 5 worksheets, 5 homework tasks, and an examination-style assessment test, each with answers included in this unit.

    Download Sample Lesson 7.0mb

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